Residential Gates – Decorative, Functional, Secure.

Gate Logic – Where Beauty and Function Come Together

Whether a vehicle security gate is desired to add a wow factor to your estate, provide your residence with much needed privacy, give small children and pets a safe perimeter in which to play, or keep deer and other animals out of your property, we can design and build your gate from the initial concept all the way to maintaining it for best possible long term function. Meet with one of our professionals today to discuss the infinite possibilities regarding look and design. Our team will discuss your options and provide guidance and recommendations based on your desired goal and budget.

Retrofitting Your Existing Gate?

Many of our clients already have gates. Due to weather, normal wear and tear, accidents, or under-buying they have fallen into disrepair or have become eye sores. Let us work with you to evaluate your current situation, present options and help you achieve your security needs.

Safety is a Priority at Gate Logic Security

We take every measure to ensure that our clients are aware of current Safety Standards set forth by UL 325. If you have a gate, you need to be aware of these requirements and how they impact you. Please call us to schedule an appointment to assess your current gate system and provide you with necessary recommendations on how to bring your gate into UL 325 compliance.

Consider Our Preventative and Service Level Management Options

Routine Maintenance Check Ups Help Clients in the Long Run. Are you tired of consistently having problems due to malfunctioning equipment? With our service agreement plans we can address most problems before they occur – even on equipment we didn’t install. Scheduling monthly, quarterly or semi-annual visits to perform preventative maintenance on your equipment protects your investment and security. When issues are spotted they can be fixed before the system goes down and expensive repairs are required. Speak with our staff to set up your service agreement now.

Please call (703) 763-GATE (4283) or email [email protected]